By STE -Italy


The CSA SYSTEM S14000 is a viable solution for sanitising and purifying air in large rooms with a high rate of crowding.By integrating our CSA SYSTEM S14000 within the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, it is possible to sanitise and purify the air continuously, even in these environments where, due to the high number of occupants, indoor pollutant concentrations reach high levels.

With our sanitizing and purification systems, we guarantee:

Continuous Sanitization

In crowded indoor spaces, continuous air sanitization is crucial. The CSA SYSTEM S14000 provides a reliable solution, seamlessly integrated into HVAC systems, ensuring consistent purification. With advanced technology, it offers ongoing protection against viruses, bacteria, and mold.

Patented Technology

The CSA SYSTEM S14000 boasts patented technology achieving over 99% inactivation of airborne microorganisms, ensuring indoor environments remain safe and healthy.

Air Purification

Experience superior air purification with the CSA SYSTEM S14000, efficiently removing particulates, allergens, and harmful compounds with over 92% efficiency.

Environmentally Friendly

Committed to sustainability, the CSA SYSTEM S14000 features eco-friendly components and energy-saving UV-C LED technology, minimizing environmental impact while maintaining indoor air quality.